About us

We at Appamini are a small team that builds educational apps for kids. Through play, we hope to make learning a fun part of the child’s daily life.

Our philosophy

We at Appamini love apps and truly believe that the format is a game changer when it comes to make children learn through games. We enjoy designing educational, yet entertaining, experiences for children and are excited to be able to take part in this new era.

Yet, however amazing the world of apps are, there are things that we do not like. You can always count on us to honor these principles:

  1. We do not like apps that are translated in the App Store, when the rest of the app is in one language. Therefore, we tailor our apps for each supported language.
  2. We do not like apps that encourage in-app purchases, when children are in the middle of their experience. Therefore, we have no in-app purchases in our apps.
  3. We do not like ads in children apps either, for the same reasons that we do not like in-app purchased. Therefore, we have no ads in our apps.
  4. We do not like pink for girls and blue for boys. Therefore, we make our apps equally colorful for everyone.

Our apps

Well, we have only started. Our vision is to put together a nice set of educational apps for children all over the world to enjoy, but we have a lot of work to do. Since we do this at our spare time, it will probably take some time to get there.

We are currently working on the main redesign of an app that is already out on the App Store – Alphabet GamesIt is an app where children can learn the alphabet through various games and activities. The app is available in Swedish and English, but can easily be extended with additional languages. If you would like to see the app in your own language, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our history

What happens when a software developer on parental leave and a daughter that is crazy about the alphabet put their heads together? An app about the alphabet, of course.

It did not take long for 5 years old Cornelia and her father Daniel to engage the rest of the family and a bunch of friends. In late autumn 2012, after three months tinkering around the kitchen table, the Swedish version of Alphabet Games was released and the project Appamini founded.

The apps received a decent amount of downloads and was later ported to an English version, but when the family met illustrator Laura Di Francesco a year later, it became clear that it was time to take the next step. Alphabet Games was to be redesigned from the ground up, using Laura’s amazing illustrations, and the work of creating an alphabet village was started. Friends and acquaintances helped with testing and good advices, Cornelia recorded the audio and Daniel coded like a maniac. After a couple of months, the new app was finished and the company Appamini was founded. 

Our team

Appamini consists of Daniel Saidi, Johanna Saidi and Laura Di Francesco.